Everything James Lavelle has created has been driven by the same irrepressible sense of curiosity and a willingness to take risks. The music released today under the banner of UNKLE is very different from early UNKLE records. The spirit is the same. +info
Pole Folder is an electronic music producer and live club performer, based in Brussels. Pole Folder runs the label Reworck. +info
Jody Wisternoff is a man whose personal dictionary doesn’t contain the term ‘tread water’. Jody has indeed been pushing the envelope his entire career, which started at the very early age of 13 years when he and brother Sam prodigiously +info
Kevin Bazell (better known as Kazell) is a British DJ and producer based in Los Angeles. He has released music on well-regarded labels like Bedrock. +info
Famous for his dub influenced Tech-house / Minimal music productions. Jeff´s Music is played by djs like: Laurent Garnier, Sacha, John Digweed, Steve Bug, Hernan Cattaneo, Sven Väth + many many more. +info
Lavelle and Tim Goldsworthy co-founded Mo'Wax in 1992. In 1996 Mo' Wax released one of electronic music's most celebrated albums, DJ Shadow's seminal endtroducing.... Soon after this Lavelle started work on an album with DJ Shadow under the +info
Blending the charming guitar stylings of Pulp and the like, Home Video's minimal electro Brit-pop is infectious, to say the least. At times reminiscent of really poppy new wave, No Certain Night Or Morning is destined to stick in our heads for some time to come. - XLR8R +info
When Timo Maas and Loco Dice talk on behalf of an artist as a newcomer to watch, it’s the cue for the rest of dance music to stand up and take notice and this is the case of Gare Mat K. +info
Erphun has already reached his global fan base and spun in several continents such as Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. More specifically he’s spun at legendary clubs such as Tresor in Berlin, Air in Tokyo, Guvernment in Toronto, Butan in Germany, +info
When you have grown and lived in the early ’90s, the golden period of Rome raves and of the musical transformation that occurred in those authentically underground places, you have many things to say. In this background, Alex Dolby, DJ and producer, +info

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